The North Bay’s Junk and Debris Hauling Professionals

Green junk hauling north bay by Green Hauling

You’ve already done the difficult task of sorting through the clutter around your house, deciding what is staying and what is going. Maybe you have a pile of green waste or dirt you need to get rid of. Now is the last big decision you have to make. Do you want to figure out where to take all of this stuff yourself? Or do you want to have us help you get it out quickly and let us use our resources to deal with recycling it?

Green Hauling specializes in delivering clean containers directly to your home or job site, just about anywhere in the North Bay area. Our goal is to make the task of removing your clutter as quick and painless as possible, all while keeping an eye towards the environment, and reducing landfill waste as much as 85%.

We Repurpose or Recycle 85% of All Materials Collected

We have many debris box sizes to choose from.


Green Hauling different size debris boxes


Load the box yourself or have us load it for you!


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